Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I ADORE this live concert by Florence and the Machines. 
I remember when I first heard of Florence, it was 6 years ago and I were driving the car of the family i worked as a babysitter for upon the bumpy hills of tuscany, i checked out the music they had in the car and a CD was by Florence. Love at first sight. Aswell with the family. We are still really close.

Adoro questo concerto live di Florence (stavo x scrivere firenze and the machines haha) Mi ricordo la prima volta che ho sentito Florence, 6 anni fa, stavo guidando la macchina della mia famiglia Au-pair nelle colline in Toscana. Cercavo qualcosa da ascoltare e trovai il CD di Florence. L'amore di prima "vista". Uguale con la familgia, mi sono molto vicini.

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